This is a page for all you cat lovers out there!   And all of you who need just a little bit of inspiration, a warm feeling inside, and a smile on your face.

My Reasons for Creating Funnycats Video Clips

Welcome.  I created this site because I wanted to have a page I could come to whenever in need of something to turn things around.  You know how some times you’re just not feeling right, and no matter what you do it all sort of goes bad.  Nothing seems to flow.

In those moments I know that if only I were able to start feeling good inside, then everything would turn around.  It would change from the inside out.  With a positive attitude, a warm feeling inside, and a smile on your face you can make all the differece!

But how to I switch quickly to this wonderful inner state?  Easily!  Cats have that effect on me.  And probably on you as well, if you have found your way to my site.  I hope you enjoy it and visit it as often as you need or feel inspired to!

I will be posting new videos a couple of times each month.

With warm inspiration,

Barbara Piechocinska